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Siteswitch: feminist CMS

We are now using Siteswitch, a content management system developed right here at the Elektrowerken

Siteswitch has been designed to be simple and straightforward, while at the same time keeping the option open to fully change the look and feel of your website. People without any website knowledge can change the website's look and feel with simple options in the management system, while more advanced users can create their own design by editing the layout files manually, without losing the simple to use system to add new content.

While IT is predominantly a male dominated field, this software was written by a woman. By using it, we try to break the glass ceiling women in IT still face. Young women who are interested in IT often still are held back by the sexism they experience from male counterparts. We need to stand up against this and encourage fxmale hackers, coders and gamers to not be discouraged by sexism, but chase their dreams and do what they like!

Siteswitch is free and open source, meaning anyone can use it, modify it if they like and redistribute it. It can be downloaded from the author's website.